EBE Technologies closes FY 2014 on a high note

EBE Technologies announced that year-end results for its fiscal year 2014, ending September 30th, set another record for revenue growth. EBE realized a 36 percent increase over 2013 which represents the sixth consecutive year of growth exceeding 20 percent.

EBE acquired over 80 new transportation clients as either a direct purchase from EBE or from one of its white-label partners. EBE

The company’s Decision Support Automation (DSA) applications contributed to the success. The applications are designed to execute strategic and routine transactions automatically, and present out-of-standard transactions for manual review.

“The success we achieved this year is a direct result of the time we spent collaborating with leading transportation providers to understand where they are experiencing operating inefficiencies that are impacting their profitability,” said Larry Kerr, President of EBE.