Taking Maintenance ‘In-House’ Pays Off for Wallis Transport

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Bringing Maintenance ‘In-House’ and Switching to Mobil Delvac Synthetic Lubricants Helps Wallis Transport Enhance Fleet Performance and Obtain Substantial Costs Savings

SP12739_Exxon_WallisTrans_04-1Two years ago, Wallis Transportation stopped outsourcing the maintenance of its truck fleet. Instead, the Cuba, Missouri-based company made the investment to bring that work in-house.

“Our primary goal was to build and sustain a first-class shop that has experienced people and embraces a proactive maintenance plan,” said Jason Wallis, Vice President of Supply and Logistics, Wallis Companies. “After many years of outsourcing maintenance to a service provider, we felt that we could do it better and more eefficiently ourselves.”

Now, with the fleet and the shop running better than ever, and costs savings estimates in the low six-figure territory, Wallis and other company leaders are even more confident that they made the right decision.

As a bulk distributor of refined petroleum products and lubricants, with thousands of customers located across Missouri and Illinois, maximizing vehicle performance is a must. And, according to Larry Demidow, Maintenance Manager, Wallis Transport, it’s a big reason why the company not only chose to bring maintenance “in-house,” but opted to switch to Mobil DelvacTM-branded synthetic lubricants at the same time. “Just like the decision to build our own shop in 2012, which took significant planning, we took a systematic approach to testing, evaluating, and, ultimately, switching our entire fleet to Mobil Delvac synthetic lubricants,” said Demidow.

Besides contributing to the company’s overall cost savings, Wallis says that the ability to extend engine oil drain intervals to 75,000 miles, thanks to Mobil Delvac 1 synthetic diesel engine oil, plays a key role in helping the company to achieve its operational and sustainability-related goals.

“The switch from conventional engine oil to Mobil Delvac 1 synthetic diesel engine oil has enabled us to extend our engine oil drain intervals by nearly 500 percent,” Wallis said. “As a result, we’ve signi cantly reduced oil consumption and minimized our used oil waste disposal.

“Also, our maintenance team is spending less time on routine oil changes and focusing more on supporting our preventative maintenance procedures and safety standards, which allow us to keep our trucks out on the road longer.”

According to Wallis, the company’s success stems from smart decisions and the collective efforts of everyone who is part of the Wallis Transport team.

“It’s pretty exciting to know that we have accomplished everything we set out to do thanks to the efforts of our executive leadership, our entire maintenance team and our more than 60 drivers who pride themselves on driving safely and taking great care of our vehicles,” Wallis said.

When asked if there is anything he and the team would do differently when it came to taking maintenance “in-house,” Wallis said, “I only wish we had done it sooner.”

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