Ryder to train entire maintenance staff on natural gas vehicle technologies


natural gasRyder System announced that it has launched a new online natural gas vehicle maintenance training program for its entire North American maintenance network.  Over 6,000 maintenance and service employees across Ryder’s 800 maintenance facilities will be trained on the new technology.  The program will provide the company’s technician workforce with knowledge of all natural gas vehicle platforms and configurations.  This program supplements existing customized natural gas vehicle training completed by employees who are already fueling and performing maintenance on natural gas vehicles operating in customers’ fleets.

“As natural gas vehicle solutions continue to gain acceptance across North America, now is an appropriate time to ensure Ryder’s technician workforce at every facility is aware of the basic requirements for servicing the new technology,” said Ryder Vice President of Maintenance & Quality Operations, Melvin Kirk.  “More and more of our customers are exploring this advanced fuel solution.  Ryder is building on its leadership position by making a proactive investment to ensure our maintenance employees are knowledgeable and skilled in the safe operation and maintenance of natural gas vehicles.”

Ryder is the leader in natural gas vehicle solutions for the commercial transportation industry, with more than 30 million miles of experience, 14 natural gas vehicle maintenance facilities, and 260 natural gas vehicle trained technicians.  Ryder has deployed Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) vehicles into the fleets of Ryder customers in California, New York, Michigan, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Georgia and Louisiana.  The Company operates Liquefied to Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG) fuel stations at its Fontana and Orange, Calif., service locations.  Ryder also offers LNG fueling at its Fulton, Ga. maintenance facility.

Since deploying its natural gas vehicle program in 2011, Ryder has replaced approximately 4.6 million gallons of diesel fuel with lower emission domestically produced natural gas.  Customers can tap into Ryder’s extensive knowledge of natural gas and rapidly evolving advanced fuels maintenance network, along with its highly trained and experienced technicians, to ensure the safe operation, maintenance, and fueling of natural gas vehicles.  Ryder’s advanced fuels sales team can also help businesses determine which vehicle configurations work best for their specific applications.