Hendrickson launches North American trailer air disc brake system

Updated Mar 30, 2015


Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems launched a new line of trailer air disc brakes designed specifically for the North American market. According the Perry Bahr, vice president and general manager, the new MAXX22T is the first — and only — air disc brake system for trailers in North America today.

Bahr noted that while trailer brakes are popular in Europe — and Hendrickson manufactures brakes for that market — the particular needs of the North American market caused Hendrickson to develop the MAXX22T specifically for fleets on this side of the Atlantic.

The new brake system was developed in conjunction with WABCO and uses that company’s bi-directional single piston design with Hendrickson’s wheel end and brake components. The resulting system, Bahr says, results in a high reliability design with reduced weight and installation efficiency.

Other MAXX22T features include a bolt-on splash guard that allows easy rotor inspection, a 20,000 pound gross axle weight and is compatible with Hendrickson’s TIREMAAX PRO and any Ready-To-Roll wheel end package.

In business news, Hendrickson detailed the finalization of its acquisition of European spring manufacturer Frauenthal. According to Gary Gerstenslager, Hendrickson president and chief executive officer says the acquisition will allow the company to broaden its footprint on the European continent and better support its global customer base.