VDO RoadLog website updated with selection tool for ELDs

VDO_RoadLog_3-4_viewContinental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket, a global supplier of systems and components to automobile and truck manufacturers, including Electronic Logging Device technology, has updated its VDO RoadLog website. The new website features video testimonials from owner/operators and fleet managers who are using the RoadLog system in their daily operations. The site also boasts a new Product Selection Tool that guides buyers on the right path to determine which VDO RoadLog ELD hardware, software and accessories best fit their operational needs.  

According to Alexis Capelle, Continental Corporation ELD program manager, “With the inevitability of the impending ELD mandate, we have made it our mission to make the transition to these new systems and devices as simple as possible for drivers and fleet managers. The VDO RoadLog Selection Tool is designed to make sure every VDO RoadLog owner and user gets the ideal combination of device(s) and accessories suited to their unique situation.”

Jeff Waterstreet, Continental Corporation sales channel manager added, “The testimonial videos from actual fleet managers and owner/operators are an invaluable resource for our potential customers. The ability to hear VDO RoadLog users talk about their first hand experiences gives the prospective customer great confidence in the product. Even though they may not be familiar with electronic logs, the testimonials will help them envision how the switch to ELDs will affect their daily operations.”