Fleetmatics adds route optimization module

routingUntitled-1Fleetmatics Group, a global provider of mobile workforce systems for service-based businesses delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS), introduced a routing optimization module called Fleetmatics Routist. The software calculates and deploys route plans to drivers in the field, and features real-time and historical data that gives users a holistic view into routing performance.

Fleetmatics Routist operates by taking locations, vehicles, time windows, technician skills, and costs and capacities into consideration, among other inputs, while remaining simple and intuitive for customers to use. It also incorporates historical traffic data into its algorithm, elevating traffic and routing optimization effectiveness for customers operating in metropolitan areas.

“Inefficient routing wastes minutes, miles and money, leaving on-time arrivals and important elements of customer satisfaction to chance,” said Jill Ward, president and chief operating officer of Fleetmatics. “Customers that choose Fleetmatics Routist won’t have to worry about manual or time-consuming routing, and we fully expect the benefits will extend to their customers, as well.”

Fleetmatics Routist’s robust feature set, offered to customers as an add-on module, will integrate into the Fleetmatics Reveal fleet management application. Customers can import work orders from electronic files or integration with their order management software, select the drivers involved in the plan, and quickly get a cost efficient and customer satisfying route.

Route planners can make adjustments to the plan based on their own business insight, and then deploy to the field. Route plans can be delivered effortlessly to drivers via the Fleetmatics Reveal Field Application for smartphone and mobile devices, via Garmin integrated devices or simple route sheets printed at the office.

Once the routes are live, dispatchers and managers stay current on a driver’s progress against route stops in real-time on the Fleetmatics Reveal live map and can make real-time adjustments as needed. When the day is done, actual versus plan analysis is available to compare the stops made by drivers against the work orders provided, so managers can provide appropriate coaching around route deviations and the impact of field activity on customer satisfaction.

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Fleetmatics Routist is scheduled to be available this summer.