SkyBitz enhances asset management functions with TMW Systems

SkyBitz, a provider of remote asset tracking and information management and TMW Systems, a provider of transportation management and asset maintenance systems, announced new enhancements to the integrated TruckMate software from TMW.

Customers of both companies now have the ability to centrally monitor and track trailers in TruckMate to gain real-time operations information, location and cargo status for improved utilization and security.

“SkyBitz has been a strategic partner for years, offering our shared customers innovative solutions for increased fleet visibility and actionable information,” said Ray West, senior vice president and general manager of TruckMate, Innovative and TL2000 Software for TMW Systems. “With the recent additions to the SkyBitz integration with TruckMate, customers gain the fleet visibility they need to quickly find available trailers to assign with the next load and can turn their trailers faster.”

The integration uses asset management services from SkyBitz to deliver trailer-specific information directly to TruckMate, driving faster, better-informed decisions and improved asset utilization. Moreover, the integration will help fleets reclaim unused capacity in the fleet, thereby reducing capital expenses and operational costs.

SkyBitz’s overall integration efforts with TMW Systems include software integrations with TMWSuite and Innovative TMS applications and its fleet maintenance management system, TMT Fleet Maintenance-SQL.

The latest integration of SkyBitz and TruckMate allows fleet operators to:

  • View accurate trailer and cargo status to quickly determine if the trailer is loaded or empty, hooked or unhooked, in-motion or stationary. Also, at-a-glance, know the trailer’s power status and mileage.
  • Search for and identify the nearest idle trailers to an accurate location.
  • Perform yard checks.

The integrated trailer tracking and monitoring capability is now available with the most recent version of TruckMate.

The use of referenced integrations or interfaces with TMW software may require the purchase of additional software licenses and professional services from TMW Systems.