SmartDrive adds lightweight deployment option for video-based safety system

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Updated Oct 20, 2015
SmartDrive transmits critical video and event data to the office for review by fleet managers in near real time.SmartDrive transmits critical video and event data to the office for review by fleet managers in near real time.

SmartDrive Systems, a provider of driving performance systems for reducing collisions and improving fuel efficiency, announced the option for fleets to deploy a single-camera, light version of its video-based safety system.

The option is one of several now included in its SmartDrive SmartChoice Program where fleets have the freedom to choose the level of video protection that best aligns with their specific business priorities and needs.

SmartDrive made the announcement during the American Trucking Associations’ annual Management Conference and Exhibition in Philadelphia, Oct. 17-19.

If a fleet’s primary objective is exonerating their drivers from frivolous claims, a single camera system may work. If the objective is to protect every driver by capturing and coaching risk or preventing collisions with 360 degree visibility to risk, the full SmartDrive system is the best option.

Fleets can upgrade at any time using their existing hardware.

“With our SmartDrive SmartChoice Program, we put choice squarely in the hands of our customers, ensuring every fleet now has a better way to protect its drivers with video,” noted Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive. “We understand that a video safety program needs to fit the culture of the individual fleet. With three video-safety product lines and our distinctive open platform, SmartDrive’s SmartChoice Program lets fleets decide what they need, how best to deploy video within their operation and when the time is right to scale their investment, by moving up to a more comprehensive solution as their requirements expand.”

This chart shows the different features included in each deployment option.This chart shows the different features included in each deployment option.

With the SmartDrive SmartChoice program, fleets can choose from among three product lines, each with unique capabilities and benefits, as described below:

SmartDrive Shield: a road-facing only camera combined with on-demand video offload and easy-to-use review workflow. SmartDrive Shield is designed for fleets that have owner operators or are not yet ready for integrated coaching, and are focused on capturing every collision, exonerating when not at fault and providing drivers the ability to record issues on the road, such as delivery verification and security incidents

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SmartDrive Defender: a two camera configuration for road-facing and cab views with automatic video offload, risk scoring and integrated coaching. SmartDrive Defender is designed for fleets that want to protect every driver by identifying high-risk incidents—including speeding, lane departure, hard braking and collisions—and provide proactive coaching to reduce collision frequency, improve safety and reinforce good driving skills.

SmartDrive Assurance: deployment of up to four cameras enables a 360 degree view of the vehicle and insight to the most frequent causes of collisions — such as U-turns, backing, unintended lane changes, roll-overs and close following. SmartDrive Assurance is designed for fleets focused on maximum protection and prevention of safety and compliance-related incidents

SmartDrive has a multi-tiered video-based safety program that identifies unsafe driving with an extensible platform that integrates video, vehicle data, audio and driving data for a unified view of risk.

“With our SmartChoice Program, it’s all about letting fleets decide what’s best for them, in terms of  onboard system integration, how many cameras they incorporate, what type of risk they want to measure, and how or if coaching is part of their operations,” emphasized Mitgang.