Azuga seeing rapid adoption of its ‘social telematics’ system

Azuga developed a “social telematics” platform that engages drivers to improve performance using gamification and rewards.Azuga developed a “social telematics” platform that engages drivers to improve performance using gamification and rewards.

Azuga Fleet recently made two announcements. Steritech, one of the largest pest prevention services with 60,000 clients worldwide, is now using its plug-and-play telematics technology. And so is Uber’s Mexico division.

“We selected Azuga Fleet because of its highly-intuitive, feature-complete, easy-to-use technology that was half the price of competing vendors,” said Rich Ennis, CEO of Steritech, which was recently acquired by Rentokil North America. “Immediately upon installation, Azuga’s telematics technology and analytics helped identify and reduce driver risk.”

Azuga Fleet has developed a social approach to telematics that combines driver visibility, gamification, rewards and social sharing. More than 100 pest control fleets are now using its social telematics system to track fleet health and activity and to empower employees through real-time notifications on their mobile device to work safely and efficiently.

“This industry is historically dominated by command-and-control ‘big brother’ GPS, but many of our pest control fleets have proved that when you take a more driver-centric approach to telematics, improvements begin to happen across the board, driver retention increases and the return on investment becomes effortless,” says Ananth Rani, co-founder and president of Azuga.

In a separate announcement, Azuga Fleet was chosen as an official service provider by Uber for its Mexico division. In only 1 year, Uber car owners that have installed Azuga into their fleets have experienced a 72 percent decrease in accidents, 14 percent decrease in fuel consumption, 10 percent decrease in maintenance cost and 12 percent decrease in operational costs.

Uber’s services in Mexico may appear similar to its US services, but the organization of vehicle ownership is structured differently. Vehicle owners work with a fleet of drivers who do not own the vehicles, but use as a form of taxi service. Thus, vehicle owners need oversight of where their vehicles are in order to get a pulse on customer satisfaction by understanding how their drivers perform out in the field.

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“The convenience and passenger safety features of Uber are just a few reasons why the service is widely utilized by families, vacationers and business people alike in Mexico,” said Jose Marsal, commercial director of Azuga Latin America. “Azuga’s technology has not only contributed to a better experience for the passenger, but it has also helped the vehicle owners simultaneously save money, benefitting everyone involved.”