FMCSA ranks in top third of government agencies to work for

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Updated Dec 14, 2015

truck-highwayThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been rated the 74th-best place to work in the federal government out of 320 agencies, according to the “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government” rankings.

FMCSA’s rating index of 67.8 is down 3.4 points from their 2014 score of 71.2. The index scores for each agency are calculated by employee satisfaction and commitment.

Of 14 categories used to rank the agency, FMCSA’s highest ranking came in the “employee skills-mission match” category at 35th. This category measures the extent to which employees feel their skills and talents are used effectively. It also assesses the level to which employees get satisfaction from their work and understand how their jobs are relevant to the organizational mission.

FMCSA’s worst category ranking was in “teamwork,” where the agency ranked 195th. The teamwork category measures how effectively the employees feel they communicate both inside and outside their team organizations.

In 2014, 73 employees joined FMCSA, while 57 employees left the agency. A total of 1,104 people were employed by FMCSA in 2014, up from 1,093 in 2013. Men make up 64.5 percent of the FMCSA’s workforce compared to 35.5 percent women.

Broken down into race/ethnicity demographics, 52.3 percent of FMCSA employees are white, 26.5 percent are Hispanic/Latino, and 17.1 percent are African-American.