McLeod Software brings load tracking from FourKites to PowerBroker

cell-phone-2FourKites, makers of a load tracking technology platform, has completed an integration with the PowerBroker enterprise-wide broker management system from McLeod Software.

FourKites says it is integrated with more than 40 ELD/GPS providers to the trucking industry. In addition to its proprietary smartphone apps, FourKites’ recently launched a tracking technology that uses cell tower triangulation that works on virtually any cell phone. This app-less tracking system costs brokers $1 per load for updates every hour.

FourKites tracks truck locations every 15 minutes, recalculates ETA using real-time location data, and automates arrivals and departure messages using geo-fencing technologies. The integration with McLeod gives access to this information within PowerBroker to eliminate the need for check calls to drivers and dispatchers.

“The inclusion of FourKite’s load tracking application as part of PowerBroker’s Brokerage Tracking module helps strengthen the choices our brokerage customers have to implement a tracking solution. The partnership between McLeod Software and FourKites will ensure a quality end-to-end solution for our mutual customers,“ said Robert Brothers, manager of product development at McLeod Software.