Haldex launching value brand in North America


haldex-logoHaldex says it will relaunch its “value line” Midland brand which will include actuators, air tanks, air coils and air tubes as well as electrical coils, clutch, fittings, glad-hands and water pumps.

Haldex also offers remanufactured products. Like Nu is the established Haldex brand for remanufactured products in North America. Reman offers affordable and environmentally sustainable solutions. As Haldex-certified products, you can count on high quality and excellent performance. The range of Like Nu products is extensive covering product categories such as air compressors, air dryers, clutches, fan clutch, air conditioning compressors, hydraulics, power steering, starters and alternators, water pumps and wiper motors.

Haldex expects Midland to be “the first choice for price-conscious customers who will be able to find proven quality at great prices in these Haldex labels.”