CVSA seeks to define parameters of ‘e-inspections’

Updated Apr 28, 2016

inspectionThe Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance continued work this week at its Workshop event in Chicago on defining an “electronic inspection” and the parameters of a new North American Standard Electronic Inspection.

With several variatns of “wireless” or “electronic” inspections being deployed in real-world testing today, CVSA established an ad hoc committee “to consider the creation of a new inspection level that is based on electronic data/information.”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration itself is testing its Wireless Roadside Inspection program in at least five states, and the partially automated “e-inspection” Level 3 demonstration by Drivewyze and telematics partners is being conducted in at least four states.

Establishing a definition could pave the way for such inspections to be taken up on a voluntary basis by enforcement jurisdictions around the country.

The ad hoc committee is expected to reconvene at the fall CVSA Workshop in Little Rock, Ark., to continue its work. Only after settling on a final definition of what constitutes an electronic inspection will their work move up the chain to be discussed and voted on by two higher committees, including CVSA’s Executive Committee.

CCJ sister site Overdrive published last month a look at the potential progression of wireless inspections and what it could mean for the future of the roadside inspections. Click here to see that article.