Window for carriers to comment on FMCSA’s new safety rating rule closes June 23

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Updated Jun 21, 2016

inspection-barnCommenters have until Thursday, June 23 to tell the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration their thoughts on the proposed Safety Fitness Determination rule.

Reply comments can be made on previously submitted comments at this link.

The reply comment period, ongoing since the end of the initial comment period, ends this week for the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that outlines FMCSA’s plan to update its safety rating system for carriers by integrating on-road safety data from inspections, along with the results of carrier investigations and crash reports.

The SFD rule would replace the current three-tier federal rating system of “Satisfactory, Conditional and Unsatisfactory” for carriers with a single determination of “Unfit,” which would require the carrier to either improve its operations or shut down.

Industry stakeholders weighed in during the initial comment period, and most of whom asked FMCSA to hold off on any rulemaking until the Congressionally-mandated reforms are made to the Compliance, Safety, Accountability Safety Measurement System.

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