Maxion Wheels intros standard finish warranty for hub-piloted steel wheels

20150511171112ENPRN215114-Maxion-Wheels-Logo-1y-1431364272MRMaxion Wheels has introduced an industry first five-year standard warranty with its MaxCoat Extra multi-layer finish on the company’s hub-piloted single and wide-base tubeless disc steel wheels sold in North America.

Maxion Wheels’ MaxCoat Extra multi-layer finish includes state-of-the-art E-coat and powder coating that provides superior edge protection and creates a highly-durable, baked-on finish that protects truck and trailer wheels from even the most punishing road and environmental conditions keeping the wheels looking and performing like new.

Don Polk, president of Maxion Wheels, Americas, says a fleet owner can spend up to $1,260 to refinish all of its wheels on an 18-wheeler.

” … with MaxCoat Extra finish you can avoid the expense and reduce your total cost of ownership,” he adds.