Velociti introduces proactive onboard technology health monitoring system

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Updated Oct 5, 2016

Velociti announced VelociCare, its new subscription-based maintenance support program for onboard technologies, including remote system health monitoring, hardware repair and replacement and system upgrades.

“Fleets deploy a range of technologies for a variety of reasons but these systems are only beneficial when they are working. They must be maintained just like tires and engines,” said Deryk Powell, Velociti president, during the 2016 American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas. “With the ELD mandate and the rapid growth of the connected vehicle, prioritized maintenance of on-board technology is essential. The consequences of non-functioning equipment are far worse than just not meeting ROI projections.”

Similar to vehicle remote diagnostics systems offered by truck OEMs, VelociCare’s proactive system health monitoring feature automatically monitors real-time information about the performance of the supported technology and allows expedited resolution of any situation based on the severity of the issue and the customer’s preferences.

“VelociCare allows us to eliminate the unknown time between when a problem occurs and when someone finally reports it,” said Powell. “When onboard technology was not dictated by a mandate, that was OK, but that is different than being exposed to fines and legal action,” he added, referring to the upcoming ELD mandate.

The VelociCare package also includes:

  • Web-based project management with real-time updates of any pending repairs
  • System troubleshooting by Velociti’s tech support call center
  • Inventory storage, shipping and staging
  • User training
  • Extended warranties

The VelociCare program has been successfully tested by seven fleets totaling 160,000 power units. Service is supported by Velociti’s network of 300 service technicians in the United States.