ATRI, Mayo Clinic ask carriers to participate in survey on medical examiners registry

Updated Oct 12, 2016

medicalThe American Transportation Research Institute and the Mayo Clinic are urging carriers and truckers to take a survey to gauge the impact the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME) has had on the driver medical exam process.

The surveys were originally posted in mid-September and are open through Oct. 21.

The NRCME was launched in 2014 and requires medical examiners to pass an exam to be listed on the registry before being allowed to issue medical certificates.

ATRI and the Mayo Clinic say the research will tell them how effective the registry has been in improving the DOT physical process, as well as making sure medical examiners understand the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulations and guidance for issuing medical certificates.

The survey for carriers can be found here. Information sought from fleets includes number of tractors in the fleet, the primary vehicle configuration for the fleet, average length of haul, whether the fleet pays for driver medical exams, whether the fleet specifies an examiner or clinic to see, and concerns about the medical certification exam.