Netradyne expands driver safety platform with new visibility, insights

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Updated Aug 17, 2023

netradyne_driver-i-hardware1Netradyne announced three new features in its Driveri (pronounced “driver eye”) safety platform for commercial vehicles.

The new features use what Netradyne calls Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning, and include Traffic Light Detection, Relative Speed Determination and Pedestrian Identification.

The company says Driveri captures every moment and aspect of the driving experience, rather than a small sample of triggered data, to protect each driver, fleet manager, and the fleet’s brand reputation.

The platform has detection, causality and reasoning capabilities at the vehicle level, Netradyne says, and fleets can use Driveri to accurately recognize good driving behaviors and results, and reinforce best practices.

Traffic Light Detection accurately detects and recognizes traffic lights to give fleets insight into their routes, and to capture a more robust driving view in the absence of an inertial-based trigger.

Relative Speed Determination analyzes every minute of every driving hour – computing the vehicles speed against the flow of traffic – providing visibility into potential unsafe speed variances based on road conditions.

Pedestrian Identification expands on Netradyne’s deep learning portfolio to detect proximity of pedestrians to the vehicle, improving risk analysis.

The online Fleet Safety Management Center enables fleet managers to instantly access video events that have been transmitted based on preconfigured parameters. In addition, fleet managers can remotely access video events stored on the Driveri platform to respond to immediate inquiries regarding claims, inquiries, and customer service requests.

Fleet Managers can also query the Driveri dashboard and search video events by driver, vehicle, date, time, and location.

“Through the application of Deep-Learning, fleets are provided with a wider view into the driving environment, allowing for more complete context around the conditions that the fleet is operating under and ultimately making the fleet safer in those driving conditions,” said Avneesh Agrawal, Netradyne’s co-founder and CEO.