Introducing CCJ’s Tech Toolbox: A 12-month series examining technology’s impact on trucking

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Click through the photo to see CCJ’s January edition of Tech Toolbox.Click through the photo to see CCJ’s January edition of Tech Toolbox.

Since the dawn of the Information Age, technological advancements in communication, manufacturing, commerce, healthcare and media have changed the way Americans live and work in the last 20-plus years.

The trucking industry also has been impacted by the breakneck development of new safety systems and productivity tools that allow carriers to run safer, more efficient and more profitable operations.

Adoption rates for technology in trucking operations happen much quicker for large fleets, resulting in any number of competitive advantages in the marketplace. But most carriers don’t have the luxury of internal IT support staffs to integrate new solutions, leaving smaller operations to watch from the sidelines until their prices come down or, as in the cases of electronic logging devices and electronic stability control, are mandated.

January’s Tech Toolbox: Technology’s role in safety

That’s where CCJ’s Tech Toolbox series can help. Each month in 2017, the editors of CCJ and Overdrive will bring you advice from fleet executives and suppliers, detailed technical information and buyers guides to help you decide which technologies best suit your business and when and how to successfully integrate them into your operations.

We’ll explore technology’s increasing impacts on areas including safety, recruiting, logistics, fuel economy and front-office operations and explain how they work, how much they cost and how they benefit a fleet’s operations. We’ll also look at some of the new technologies just now emerging, including platooning and autonomous trucking.

Technology is changing the way we interact with each other daily. As those new ideas force their way into the trucking industry, fleets must pick the right time to adopt them. Pull the trigger too soon, and you risk losing money or scaring off drivers and customers. Wait too long, and you risk being left behind by the competition.

CCJ will house all of the Tech Toolbox articles at this link. Check back each month for the latest installment.

This month’s Tech Toolbox covers technology’s ever-increasing ties to fleet safety, covering topics like advanced driver assistance systems, how they work and how your fleet can implement them.

See the January Tech Toolbox at this link: