Human trafficking prevention training to be required for Arkansas truckers

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Updated Apr 27, 2017

Current and future Arkansas commercial driver’s license holders will soon be required to complete a human trafficking prevention course to renew or obtain a license.

Legislation was passed this month to require drivers wanting to obtain or renew a Class A CDL to take a course aimed at preventing human trafficking. Arkansas State Police Spokesman Bill Sadler said the state will not be administering a course, but drivers applying for a CDL will be required to have documentation that they have passed a course.

Truckers Against Trafficking offers a free online certification course for truckers and will provide evidence of completion to the state.

According to a report by the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the course is designed to be a one-time course for CDL holders.

To meet the new requirement through Truckers Against Trafficking’s online course, drivers will need to watch a 26-minute video, then complete a 15-question quiz to become certified. Once the driver is certified, TAT will send evidence of completion to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

“The course is geared to make commercial drivers to be aware of human trafficking, look for the tell-tale signs of individuals who may be with other drivers or around truck stops who may be victims of human trafficking,” Sadler told the newspaper.

The new law is likely to take effect in late July, the report states. Ohio has already adopted this training requirement, and legislation is pending in Kansas and Texas, according to the report.