Stay Metrics completes 100k driver surveys with online retention platform

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Updated Nov 6, 2019
Tim Hindes, CEO & Kurt LaDow, COO; Co-founders of Stay MetricsTim Hindes, CEO & Kurt LaDow, COO; Co-founders of Stay Metrics

Stay Metrics announces the collection of its 100,000th driver survey as a significant milestone in the trucking industry. Founded in 2012, Stay Metrics provides an evidence-based driver engagement, research and analytics platform that enables motor carriers to retain more of their best drivers.

“Five years ago we set out to change the industry by improving the lives of truck drivers. Our survey products help to accomplish this mission by giving drivers a safe and effective way to provide honest feedback to their carriers,” said Tim Hindes, CEO of Stay Metrics. “We turn this feedback and survey response data into valuable insights that carriers can act on to achieve breakthrough results.”

Stay Metrics’ survey products are administered for clients at critical periods in the employment lifecycle of drivers.

The 7-day driver orientation survey focuses on early job expectations and impressions. The 45-day onboarding survey concentrates on drivers’ early experiences. When responses indicate a high turnover risk both products trigger instant email alerts for managers to intervene and prevent turnover.

The annual Driver Satisfaction survey captures in-depth data on what matters to drivers and their experiences with carriers. Stay Metrics leverages the results from this survey to show each client their areas of strength and weakness relative to peer communities in dry van, flatbed, refrigerated, drayage and other industry sectors. The company also has a predictive turnover model that shows carriers why their drivers leave.

Finally, Stay Metrics conducts Exit Surveys as an independent third party to obtain candid feedback to help carriers make adjustments and fine-tune their strategies.

“Drivers tell us all the time how grateful they are to work for carriers that listen and take actions using information they receive through the surveys,” Hindes said.

With the completion of the 100,000th driver survey, Stay Metrics says it now has more than 5 million responses to individual questions from drivers in a standardized format. With this growing research database, the company says it is able to identify trends and insights that its clients put to practical use.

In addition to the survey products, Stay Metrics administers a privately branded online driver rewards, recognition and engagement platform for carriers. Its analysis shows that engaged drivers who log in more frequently to their carrier’s rewards site are more than twice as likely to stay with their companies.

The online platform also has an expanding library of Drive Safe and Drive Fit learning modules developed by experts in instructional design that cater to the unique learning preferences and learning culture of truck drivers.

Stay Metrics’ most recently announced products are an online Drive First orientation training program and a values-based Driver Matching assessment program; the latter is offered through a partnership with Twegos.