FR8Star to offer Comchek Mobile payments for flatbed loads

In April, Comdata announced a new peer-to-peer payments system for the trucking industry, Comchek MobileIn April, Comdata announced a new peer-to-peer payments system for the trucking industry, Comchek Mobile

Comdata Inc., a Fleetcor company and electronic payment provider, announced a partnership with FR8Star to provide carriers a way to book open deck loads and receive payment through its Comchek Mobile system, and to secure permits for those loads.

FR8Star is a web-based freight operations platform specializing in oversize, overweight, and open deck loads. Comchek Mobile is a debit card and digital app platform designed to transfer funds between companies and individuals in the trucking industry quickly and securely.

Carriers hauling loads booked on will be able to receive fuel advances at the moment of pickup as well as full payment quickly after Proof of Delivery is received.

With access to Comdata’s permitting specialists, FR8Star says carriers can ensure they have the proper routes and permits they need to safely and legally move their load in any jurisdiction.

“Especially for small fleet businesses that need immediate access to funds to manage everyday expenses, the partnership between Comdata and FR8Star will be an invaluable tool to boost operating efficiencies,” said Greg Secord, president of Comdata North American Trucking (NAT). “Not only does Comdata provide the payment flexibility carriers and shippers need, but we also provide complete support for securing the proper state permits connected to a FR8Star load.” users own their load from beginning to end. Unlike common freight brokers, FR8Star says it handles each individual transaction transparently without the need for freight factoring. With Comchek Mobile’s on-demand functionality, carriers can get paid for their work on timelines that align with their operating costs.

“Combining the unique functionalities of Comdata and will help facilitate faster payments to carriers while also protecting shippers,” said Matt Kropp, CEO of FR8Star. “We are proud to provide full visibility of all transactions in the FR8Star system and utilize the efficiency and expertise of Comdata in order to create lasting business relationships.”