Noregon announces updates to JPRO, TripVision

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A collage of various JPRO screen options.A collage of various JPRO screen options.

Noregon Systems announced its first major update of 2018 to its JPRO Professional 2018 v1 repair solution as well as an update to its fleet asset management tool, TripVision, during a press conference Tuesday at ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

Noregon Vice President of Sales Shane Gilliam says the updated JPRO release includes an improved NextStep troubleshooting and repair module, an education portal, a virtual truck for hands-on learning, and increased bi-directional tests. The enhancements to TripVision include new features to better provide real-time vehicle health and safety assessments, insights into performance related issues, and expert recommendations for managing each vehicle to maximize uptime.

Chief Technology Officer Dave Covington says NextStep underwent enhancements to provide tighter integration with JPRO Professional.

“We always look for ways to improve our products that will speed repairs and, in turn, improve vehicle uptime. Users can now view fault data, clear faults, and initiate bi-directional tests directly from NextStep,” he says.

Gilliam says NextStep has been integrated into JPRO but a standalone portal named NextStep NET also is available as an a la carte solution provided at no additional charge to JPRO subscribers with the integrated NextStep.

Regarding TripVision, Covington says the tool “now displays a vehicle’s limits for road and cruise speeds. Vehicles with regulated speeds configured above normal values are a major concern for our customers. Fuel economy is affected when parameters are set too high, but more importantly, it presents an immediate liability and safety concern for vehicle owners.”

And because TripVision monitors all electronic components, as opposed to just the engine, the application can detect issues on various subsystems that affect the health, safety, or performance of a vehicle, the company says.

“Our customers praise TripVision for its ability to help maximize uptime with actionable health and safety information,” says Covington “However, fleets asked for a way to uncover additional cost saving opportunities, too. We responded by adding icons that indicate issues affecting the performance of the vehicle, which threatens a fleet’s bottom line. Customers now see which vehicles have faults affecting fuel economy, emission systems, CSA compliance, or parameters set above the fleet’s standards.”

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Gilliam says Noregon also has released TripVision apps for iOS and Android phones to complement the online portal.