Surprise brake inspection blitz puts 1,600 trucks out of service

Updated Jul 19, 2018
Georgia’s portable performance-based brake tester unit at work.

Roadside inspectors placed nearly 1,600 trucks and buses out-of-service for brake violations during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s unannounced Brake Safety Day on April 25.

According to CVSA, a total of 11,531 roadside inspections were conducted on Brake Safety Day, and 1,595 commercial vehicles, or 13.8 percent of those inspected, were placed out-of-service.

During the inspection blitz, 8,128 air-braked trucks and tractors required anti-lock braking systems, and 10 percent of these trucks had ABS violations. Additionally, 5,331 trailers were identified as requiring ABS, and 14.3 percent had ABS violations.

“Inspecting, identifying and removing commercial motor vehicles with brake violations from our roadways is critical to the safety of the traveling public,” said CVSA President Capt. Christopher Turner with the Kansas Highway Patrol. “Brake systems that are improperly installed, neglected or poorly maintained reduce braking efficiency and increase stopping distances of trucks and buses, posing a serious transportation safety risk.”

Brake Safety Day is one of several brake-focused enforcement sprees held each year. CVSA announced last month its Brake Safety Week will be held Sept. 16-22 this year.