Convey develops platform for managing last-mile delivery

Convey EmployeesConvey announced a new platform to resolve last mile delivery issues. Its new Delivery Experience Management (DEM) platform featuring Exception Recovery allows shippers to identify and take action to resolve issues before a customer complains as well as predict and prevent future issues with carriers.

The company says that early adopters see an average of 80 percent improvement in exception resolution speed and a 6-to-10 multiple for return on investment.

Data shows that 10 to 12 percent of shipments have issues such as a wrong address, weather delay or damage — a figure that will increase as ecommerce growth continues. Too often, retailers don’t know there’s a delivery problem until a customer has already complained. Data also shows 84 percent of customers won’t return after a negative delivery experience.

Convey says that by using Exception Recovery, retailers and their carrier partners have achieved 80 percent faster response times and 63 percent improved on-time rates.

“As a customer focused manufacturer of brands like iFit, NordicTrack and ProForm, ensuring our customers have a great experience in all aspects of the buying process is a top priority. Part of fulfilling that commitment includes a great delivery, which requires collaborating with carriers efficiently and transparently in order to ensure the best possible experience. Convey’s tools have helped to drive a seamless tracking portal with all of our carrier partners, and we are excited about the potential as we apply Exception Recovery capabilities across our entire transportation network, elevating all customer deliveries to the next level,” said Jay Kirkham, senior vice president of operations at ICON Fitness & Health.

Key capabilities of Exception Recovery include:

  • Identify shipments at risk via real-time status updates; customize views, receive alerts and gain visibility with flexible search functions.
  • Assign owners and collaborate across teams and carriers to share files, communicate and track activity in a single space.
  • Track and manage activity with shared dashboards to analyze performance and set exception-handling SLAs by agent, carrier or exception type.