Daily dispatch, Feb. 25: UPS seeks waiver for CLP-holders to pull doubles; new Meritor expedited drivetrain ordering

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Updated Feb 26, 2020

Trucking news and briefs for Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020:

UPS is petitioning FMCSA to allow its driver trainees to pull doubles.UPS is petitioning FMCSA to allow its driver trainees to pull doubles.

UPS seeks waiver allowing driver trainees to pull doubles
The nation’s largest carrier is petitioning the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to allow its driver trainees with commercial learner’s permits to pull 28-foot doubles to obtain behind-the-wheel training.

UPS says in its request that the drivers who would operate under the waiver would be “under direct supervision of a driving instructor.”

Federal CDL regulations don’t allow any driver to operate a commercial motor vehicle when the driver doesn’t have a CDL or CLP with the proper class or endorsements, and regulations don’t allow a double/triple trailers endorsement on CLPs.

FMCSA is accepting public comment on the request for 30 days, which can be made here through March 25.

Meritor offering expedited ordering process for drivetrain components
Meritor’s new Drivetrain on Demand program simplifies the ordering process for U.S. and Canadian customers needing quick replacement of driveshaft and differential assemblies, with a goal of getting the ordering and shipping processes down to a 24-hour turnaround. The portfolio of products within Drivetrain on Demand includes more than 10,000 driveshaft assembly part numbers, the company says.

Customers purchasing through Drivetrain on Demand can order driveshaft assemblies by those part numbers on MeritorPartsXpress.com, or provide OEM dealers with VIN numbers to order through dealer portals. Customers without a part number can order using form MISC 1783 to ensure proper manufacturing of replacement driveshafts by authorized rebuilders. Meritor notes it has enhanced the availability of driveshaft assemblies by including authorized rebuilders in Canada in this program. The offering includes Meritor 1610-1810 series, RPL 20/25 series and Dana SPL 170/250 driveshaft assemblies with a two-year warranty.

Drivetrain on Demand is part of the company’s North America Authorized Rebuilder Program. When Meritor receives an order for a replacement assembly, the company works with an authorized rebuilder closest to the end-user, and rebuilders ship custom-built units within 24 hours.