Trucking in 2022: Driver hours, new entrants 'surge'

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Updated Mar 17, 2022

High consumer demand and a shuffling driver supply shaped the freight market from July through December 2021 and those – three months in – are two pretty prevalent themes in 2022.

Uber Freight’s Market Insights Report uncovered several prominent themes in trucking last year (like an explosion in the number of new trucking registrations and a massive shift in drivers from long haul to local) and how they might carry over into this year – and for how long.

Bill Driegert, co-founder and Head of Operations at Uber Freight, joins the 10-44 this week and talks with Jason and Matt about consumer savings, spending, truck driver hours, and just what might be in store for 2022 – especially for those new trucking companies that spent top-dollar on equipment when rates eventually come down out of the stratosphere. 

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