Small Fleet Championship seeks entries from fleets 3-30 trucks

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Back for its fifth year in 2024, CCJ sister publication Overdrive's annual Small Fleet Championship wants your fleet (up to 30 trucks) to compete for a chance at the title belt. The initial entry period opened last month, and competitors will continue to be sought through July at this link. Fleets will compete in two divisions against competitors are relative size -- 3-10 trucks and 11-30 trucks. Four total finalists square off ultimately in early November at the Nashville, Tennessee, annual conference of the National Association of Small Trucking Companies, sponsor of the Small Fleet Champ award. 

"Growth is certainly a goal of many of our readers," said Overdrive Editor Todd Dills of the publication's largely owner-operator audience. "When we launched this competition back in 2020, we didn't fully realize just how many trucking business owners remained in that audience as they advanced in size beyond just one truck. We know a lot of those readers also stay abreast of fleet-focused news in CCJ, and certainly welcome CCJ readers to put their names in the running" to contend in the Championship.  

Small Fleet Champ in general, he added, attempts to fill something of a void in competitive awards programs around trucking, where individual drivers and larger fleets are rountinely celebrated yet the achievement of initial growth and stability through innovation, healthy competition and sound business practice and strategy too often go unnoticed. 

As in prior years, winners will have demonstrated growth, above-average profit, and adherence to trucking best practices, all pointing to long-term stability and further growth potential.

What’s in it for your fleet as a contender?

  •  Bragging rights for one year as the Small Fleet Champ
  •  A title belt befitting a champion
  •  Visibility through features on, including podcasts and videos 
  •  Coverage beyond Overdrive in this publication as well

NASTC sweetens the deal with not only a stay in Nashville and registration for finalists for the conference, but also complementary membership in the organization, well-known for its fuel-discount and other group-buying programs, well-utilized by cost-conscious small fleets. 

Read more about the competition, and enter your fleet, via this link.