Transportation industry tech provider makes acquisition to expand safety portfolio

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Clarience Technologies, which provides visibility and safety technology solutions for the trucking industry and other transportation, has made an acquisition that will expand its safety technology portfolio.

The company has brought Safe Fleet, which provides fleet vehicle safety solutions such as collision avoidance, video systems and more, under its umbrella, joining other Clarience companies including Truck-Lite, ECCO, Code 3, Pressure Systems International, DAVCO, Road Ready, Fleetilla, LED Autolamps, Rigid Industries and Lumitec.

This acquisition strengthens Clarience’s position in industry segments that include school transportation, transit, fire and emergency, law enforcement, waste, industrial and recreational vehicles. Safe Fleet’s platform serves fleets of every type, including commercial transportation and logistics.

Clarience Chief Marketing Officer Mark Johnson said while both companies share similar visions surrounding fleet safety technology, they apply that technology in different ways. Clarience legacy brands tend to be more focused on visibility-related technologies like lights and audible warning systems. With Safe Fleet, the company adds a comprehensive set of fleet safety solutions, including fleet video and evidence management, collision prevention, violation detection and trailer temperature control, as well as cargo storage systems, fire-fighting technologies and several other safety solutions.

“Several of our brands – Truck-Lite, DAVCO, P.S.I. and Road Ready – have served trucking and logistics customers for years with great success, and that will not change,” Johnson said. “Over time, we see an opportunity to offer more comprehensive fleet safety solutions that connect complementary products and technologies offered by several Clarience Technologies companies, which would ultimately deliver customers simpler, more integrated solutions that will serve our customers.

Those digital connections of complementary technologies via a common software platform also introduce opportunities for innovation.

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“It’s no secret to the industry that we believe a major driver of future innovation starts with software. A growing number of components today are more than electronic; they are smart, which means they require microchips and require digital firmware,” Johnson said. “For Clarience Technologies to help create a safer vehicle, we see digital innovation playing an important role. Simply put, the efficiency and effectiveness of multiple components working as one team comes down to one thing: software. With Safe Fleet, we now have a much broader set of applications that can be connected into a single ecosystem.”

In addition to a wider array of applications, the company also increased its workforce numbers, bringing its employee count to over 4,000 at nearly 50 locations worldwide.