Sioux touts portable steam cleaners


Sioux Corp.’s trailer-mounted steam cleaners are used for removing oil and grease from heavy equipment; thawing and de-icing equipment, pipes, valves, drains and culverts in cold weather; cleaning and sterilizing facilities and equipment; and de-gassing tanks. The steam cleaners are designed for easy operation and include a generator and water tank for remote use where there are no utility connections.

The units will produce 2 or 4 gpm steam at 250 psi and 320 degrees Fahrenheit while using 57 percent less water and producing 57 percent less runoff, without splashback, compared to standard hot-pressure washers. For extremely cold locations, the units can be started before use, allowing warm water to circulate and prevent freezeup en route. All Sioux mobile steam cleaners come with an anti-freeze circulation package to simplify winterization. The generator also can provide remote power for lighting and tools.