Parker develops CNG valve

Parker CNG Natural Gas Valve

Parker’s Fluid Control Division has developed a CNG Natural Gas Valve, a high-pressure, high-flow low-leakage valve for compressed natural gas-powered transportation. The valve, designed for integration into CNG fuel-dispensing systems, allows a high flow in both single- and multitank applications and can withstand high pressures from 0 to 4,500 psi; for increased safety and reduced environmental impact, the valve is designed with bubble-tight leakage at 0 psi for optimal sealing performance.
The two-way normally closed valve, built with a stainless-steel body, uses an integrated electrical coil enclosure and requires an 18-inch leaded connection. The valve, which can operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit, runs on 12V DC and has a current draw of 1.65 amps.