Integrated trailer suspension system now features larger-diameter axle

Hendrickson Intraax Aat

Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems’ lighter-weight Intraax AAT integrated trailer suspension system now features the company’s Large Diameter Axle (LDA). The switch to LDA increases the outer diameter from 5 inches to 5¾ inches while slightly reducing the axle wall thickness; this reduction, combined with the increased diameter, creates a more efficient use of material, increasing axle strength while reducing weight and increasing bending and torsional stiffness.

The integration of LDA on AAT 23K models also allows customers to continue using a wide bushing pivot connection while enjoying a 19-pound weight savings over current 5-inch AAT 23K axle models. To accommodate more robust applications, AAT 25K and 30K models will combine the LDA technology with a thicker axle wall for applications that require the higher 25,000-pound axle rating; this thicker axle wall combined with the company’s axle-beam connection boasts a weight advantage of 30 pounds over current Intraax AAT 25K/30K models.