Trojan designs heavy-duty starting battery

Trojan Battery Trans Power St1000

Trojan Battery Co.’s TransPower ST1000 is a high-performance AGM 31 heavy-duty starting battery built specifically for demanding applications. The sealed maintenance-free ST1000 is engineered for rugged durability, outstanding cranking power and long battery life.

A heavy-duty plate design is engineered with a combination of high-density paste and a thick corrosion-resistant wire grid arranged in a sunburst-array architecture designed to guide the battery’s power to a focal point of charge, resulting in 1,000 cold cranking amps. The plate design also tolerates extreme weather conditions and high underhood temperatures, while the high-density paste formulation is designed to optimize density, porosity and surface area to balance power and longevity.

The battery is packaged in a thick-walled durable polypropylene case that is rigid to help keep the internal components of the battery compressed and help protect the plates from damage from shock and vibration; the case also is designed to be resilient against engine oil, gasoline and other road chemicals.