TruckWeigh offers Mechanical Suspension Onboard Scale

Updated Aug 26, 2011

Truck Weigh Mechanical Suspension Onboard Scale

TruckWeigh’s Mechanical Suspension Onboard Scale is designed for quick, easy and inexpensive aftermarket installation and to be accurate to within 1 percent on level ground. The gauge mounts directly to the suspension with a high-strength adhesive and requires no welding or special tools; it typically can be installed in one hour on tractors and trailers with walking beam, leaf-spring or other mechanical suspensions.

Suited for refuse, aggregate and logging vehicles, the scale consists of a set of strain gauges or sensors, transmitters and a handheld receiver. With a range of 500 feet, the receiver displays axle group and gross vehicle weight readings in three-second intervals. The scale may be integrated with existing telematics systems.