TeleType GPS adds tire pressure monitoring

7400 Eobr Tmps Traffic

TeleType now offers an integrated touchscreen tire pressure monitoring system for its high-resolution commercial WorldNav Truck GPS models. The system offers flow-through valves that allow air to be pumped into the tire without the need to remove the sensor. The receiver plugs directly into the WorldNav GPS and provides real-time feedback on the temperature and pressure of each tire being monitored. The receiver can be placed as far away as 100 feet, making it possible to use the tire sensors on trailers as well as the cab. The tire pressure system also warns of slow leaks and is configurable to provide specific warning ranges of both temperature and pressure. If an alert appears, the driver can touch the screen to display the location of the tire in question.

Other features of the updated navigation software include updated maps, extended address recognition, lane assist and junction view, offering realistic images of upcoming interstate intersections with a directional arrow, helping the driver prepare for the next turn. Version 11 also offers an electronic onboard recording system and state mileage odometer to help drivers keep track of hours of service and fuel tax miles per state, respectively. The system also includes a database of weigh stations and truckstops with facility information; these locations can be found along a specified route. WorldNav also now includes expanded My Point entry options and additional trip statistics for faster, easier recordkeeping; a traffic antenna is available as an option. The WorldNav 5200 and 7400 series offer 5- and 7-inch-high resolution screens.