TMI’s swinging door built for tough environments

Updated Apr 4, 2012

Tmi Mega Pro Heavy Duty Swinging Door

TMI’s Mega-Pro Heavy Duty swinging door is designed to handle high levels of forklift and mechanized traffic while separating a building’s environments and controlling temperatures. The Mega-Pro HD can be used in doorways up to 10 feet wide and 10 feet high and features heavy-duty galvanized steel hardware that attaches to clear 3/8-inch-thick industrial-grade PVC that is available in both regular- and low-temperature grades.

A spring-loaded design facilitates consistent opening and closing, and all components are housed within a heavy-duty frame that helps prevent the infiltration of dust, debris and other contaminants. The door also can reduce decibel ratings up to 35 dBA and is suited for large warehouses, storage facilities and other areas with constant workflow and high-impact traffic; optional impact plates provide added durability.