Meritor Euclid aftermarket clutches designed for medium-, heavy-duty trucks

Updated May 9, 2012

Meritor Euclid Clutch

Meritor’s Euclid line of 14- and 15.5-inch aftermarket clutches in standard and easy-pedal effort models are designed for both medium- and heavy-duty trucks and manufactured new with no core charge or core handling expense. The 15.5-inch clutch assemblies are available with 7-, 8-, 9- and 10-spring disc designs with torque ratings from 1,250 to 2,050 lb.-ft., while the 14-inch clutch assemblies are available with torque ratings from 620 to 1,400 lb.-ft.

The clutches feature VelveTouch ceramic clutch buttons, an easy adjuster designed for fast single-motion adjustment, a cryogenic treatment process to help extend disc spring life and a sealed throw-out bearing engineered for increased lubrication intervals and longer clutch life.