TRP introduces driveshaft components program

Updated Aug 21, 2012


TRP has announced the availability of its driveshaft component program that offers u-joints and center bearings in a variety of sizes and applications. The program also offers axle seals that the company said meet Society of Automotive Engineers J110 hot, cold and slurry tests for extended seal life. The axle seals also are TS-16949 and ISO-9001 certified.

TRP u-joints, available in half-round and full-round Series No. 1610, 1710 and 1810, are case-hardened for added durability, and TRP center bearings also contain heavy-duty roller bearings for added performance.

“Functioning as the barrier keeping contaminants out of the housing and oil in, axle seals are one of the most critical parts to keep your vehicle moving,” said Jeff Hughes, TRP development manager. “TRP axle seals, as well as u-joints and center bearings, are constructed and tested to make sure they will perform these critical functions on your heavy-duty vehicle.”

TRP axle seals are available in various sizes for input and output shafts on one and two rear axles.