New program connects private fleets, owner-ops for freight opportunities

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Updated Aug 25, 2022

Broker/3PL Arrive Logistics this summer announced the launch of a pilot program aimed at helping private fleets connect with owner-operators, opening a new avenue to earning revenue for both sides of the partnership.

Arrive's "We Deliver Flexibility" program allows owner-operators and small fleets with five or fewer power units to submit basic information, which will be sent to private fleets that are part of the program. All of the vetting of owner-operators is conducted by the private fleets themselves, as Arrive's program serves merely as a connecting point for the parties.

Joining Jason and Matt this week on CCJ's 10-44 is J-Ann Tio, chief strategy officer at Arrive Logistics, who talks about how the new program came about and how private fleets and owner-operators can participate.

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