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Diesel prices up again, ProMiles reports

Heavy duty trucks getting fuel

Diesel prices were up by 2.5 cents during the week ending Jan. 15, according to the latest numbers from ProMiles.

Truckers during the last week paid a little bit more at the pump for diesel fuel as prices increased across the nation by an average of 2.5 cents, according to ProMiles’ weekly fuel report, bringing ProMiles’ reported national average to $2.976.

The Department of Energy’s fuel report wasn’t available Monday due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, but if its numbers reflect a similar increase, the DOE will likely have the national diesel average above $3 per gallon. The DOE had the average price of diesel at $2.996 per gallon as of Monday, Jan. 8.

According to ProMiles’ Fuel Surcharge Index, prices rose in all regions except California, which saw a 1.3-cent decrease in fuel prices during the week ending Jan. 15. The most significant increase was seen in New England, where prices jumped 7.4 cents, likely due to winter storms in the region during the week.

ProMiles’ numbers indicate the most expensive fuel can be found in California at $3.618 per gallon, followed by the Central Atlantic region at $3.303 per gallon.

The cheapest fuel can be found in the Gulf Coast region at $2.82 per gallon, followed by the Lower Atlantic region at $2.932 per gallon.

Prices in other regions, according to ProMiles, are:

  • New England – $3.145
  • Midwest – $2.965
  • Rocky Mountain – $2.986
  • West Coast less California – $3.073

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