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Freightwatch warns carriers of elevated risk of cargo theft during Thanksgiving week

Cargo theft recording firm FreightWatch International is urging the trucking industry to be wary of cargo thieves during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

According to the firm, the transportation industry has seen more than three thefts per day over Thanksgiving weekends since 2010, a 27 percent increase over the annual average of 2.4 thefts per day on non-holidays. During the 2015 Thanksgiving weekend, there were 18 reported cargo thefts worth nearly $1.5 million.

Preventing cargo, truck theft is a mutli-layered attack

Preventing cargo, truck theft is a mutli-layered attack

While trailer contents are the often the most valuable part of a highway heist, they’re not always the only thing taken.

FreightWatch warns shipments of electronics and clothing and shoes are the most-targeted during the Thanksgiving period. To safeguard against cargo theft, FreightWatch recommends truckers and trucking companies make sure security protocols are up-to-date for both in-transit and warehouse operations.

Some notable thefts reported during recent Thanksgiving weekends include:

  • 2015 – Full truckload theft of $381,000 worth of televisions in Louisiana
  • 2015 – Full truckload theft of vehicles in Georgia
  • 2014 – Full truckload theft of $560,000 worth of cosmetics in North Carolina
  • 2013 – Facility theft of $648,000 worth of alcohol in Washington


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