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Updated Mar 12, 2012

Business feature, “Trucking Apps”: As consumers have migrated rapidly to mobile applications that help them in their everyday professional and personal schedules, the trucking industry also quickly has adopted apps for a multitude of purposes, from monitoring drivers’ hours of service, routing, idle time and mpg to finding the nearest truckstop with the lowest fuel prices.

Equipment feature, “Alternative Fuels”: With diesel prices soaring once more, trucking fleets again are exploring alternative fuels that may help them save big bucks at the pump. While some such as biodiesel are relatively easy to find, others such as natural gas and electricity aren’t — mostly because the infrastructure still isn’t in place to support them.

Technology feature, “Fuel Purchasing”: A variety of technologies are available to keep track of a fleet’s most expensive necessity — fuel — as well as ways to monitor drivers’ purchases and ensure they conform to the company’s predetermined fuel purchasing plans.

Equipment InFocus, “Oil Change Intervals for 2010 Engines”: The latest engine models brought with them different technologies that may have altered traditional oil change intervals for fleets.

Technology InFocus, “Tire Pressure Monitoring”: The biggest cause of tire failure is improper or insufficient inflation. A variety of technologies are available to keep track of tire pressures and make sure tires are inflated properly and maintained.

Trailer Focus, “Refrigerated”: CCJ’s annual three-part guide to trailer specifications continues with a look at the latest reefer models from major OEMs.