2008 Innovator of the Year

Updated Jan 23, 2012
Ccj0408 Pgfc Dart

Name: Dart Transit Co.

Location: Eagan, Minn.

In June 2007, Dart asked the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to exempt 200 of its owner-operators from the 14-hour clock and the split-rest limitations of the hours-of-service rules – provided they abide by a comprehensive fatigue risk management system, including use of electronic onboard recorders and a requirement that drivers receive at least six consecutive hours of sleep between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. FMCSA sought comments on the proposal late last year and now has the request under review. So what’s the connection between increasing trailer capacity and obtaining greater flexibility relief from some aspects of the hours-of-service regulations? As with past efforts with trailers, Dart’s exemption request would help increase highway capacity, Oren says. Allowing drivers the ability to avoid rush-hour traffic in congested areas without being penalized with lost driving time could help lessen gridlock in major metropolitan areas. FMCSA has yet to act on Dart’s petition, so it’s not clear that the Eagan, Minn.-based truckload carrier ultimately will be allowed to proceed. Regardless, Dart’s initiative and willingness to test whether carriers could increase productivity, reduce congestion and preserve safety are why it is CCJ’s Innovator of the Year.