Fleets aren't the only ones testing engine oils

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Updated Jun 24, 2022

As long as you're using the right type in the right application, and have good fundamental maintenance practices, engine oil isn't an exact science – but its formulation is. 

In 2016, oil manufacturers introduced CK-4 and FA-4 formulations that were designed to aid engine manufacturers in meeting emissions regulations for the 2017 model year. With those regulations once again tightening for the 2027 model year, the Engine Manufacturers Association last March requested the Diesel Engine Oil Advisory Panel (DEOAP) to establish a New Category Evaluation Team (NCET), and last month NCET suggested proceeding and officially kicked off the test development phase of Proposed Category – PC-12.

Kevin Carabell, regional technical services specialist for Chevron Lubricants, joins Jason and Matt on this week's 10-44 to talk about the 5-plus year journey that oil formulations take from idea to the crankcase, and the role bench tests and fleet trials play. 

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