Shell Rotella T6 10W-30 now available

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Shell Rotella T6 10W-30, a full synthetic heavy duty diesel engine oil is now available.

T6 10W-30 can be used in place of a 15W-40 engine oil in most instances and is suitable for use with biodiesel fuel. The benefits of a lower viscosity, full synthetic oil include lower oil consumption to help reduce maintenance costs; increased protection against oxidation for increased fuel economy (up to 2%); corrosion control to help protect key engine parts; a low ash formulation for emissions system compatibility; extended drain capability providing for more uptime and reduced maintained costs.

Shell says its Rotella T6 10W-30 exceeds CK-4 deposit requirements by 33% and prevents oil breakdown 50% better than the industry standard at maintaining oil quality over the oil drain interval. It also offers provides 50% less wear than the industry standard, the company said.