New Ecopia tire from Bridgestone

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M703 7eighthBridgestone has a new Greatec M703 Ecopia ultra-wide base tire for long-haul and regional applications. It replaces the Greatec M835A Ecopia.

Brian Cunningham, Bridgestone Americas vice president of fleet solutions, said with the M703, fleets can expect to see improved fuel efficiency and tire wear.

The new M703 utilizes a high-density tread pattern alongside a long-wearing compound to deliver excellent removal mileage. The tire’s ultra-wide base casing helps fleets to predictably reduce their total cost per mile through premium performance across multiple efficiency metrics.

Additional key features of the M703 tire, according to Bridgestone, include improved projected mileage, enhanced fuel efficiency, improved traction and casing retreadability; 

The M703 Ecopia tire is projected to have 30% better wear mileage than its predecessor and 10% better wear mileage than a key competitor. A low rolling resistance compound paired with a low energy tread pattern provides fleets with a 14% lower rolling resistance than its predecessor, the company claims. 

The Greatec M703 Ecopia is currently available in a 445/50R22.5 size.