Peterbilt’s new Models 337, 348

Updated Jan 21, 2010
Peterbilt Model 348Peterbilt Model 348

Peterbilt Motors Co. introduced two new trucks: Model 337, which expands the company’s medium-duty presence and is suited for pickup-and-delivery, beverage and food service vocations; and Model 348, designed for the Class 7-8 specialty application market.

Model 337

Peterbilt says the Model 337 combines comfort and reliability with an ergonomically-designed driver display package that features an easy-to-read gauge package and includes key vehicle performance data located at the top of the dash, while an optional GPS system is intended to simplify navigation in urban environments. Power windows, mirrors and lock switches are located in the door pad design, and dual cup holders provide added convenience. The HVAC system is designed for improved airflow and reduced maintenance costs.

According to the company, the Model 337 offers improved visibility with an overall increase of 17 percent side window visibility and improved forward visibility, while an all-aluminum cab is designed to be lightweight for fuel efficiency and corrosion-resistant for durability. Customers can choose from two proprietary fuel-efficient engines, the Paccar PX-6 and Paccar PX-8, both of which provide a wide range of horsepower and torque. The Model 337 also is available in a hybrid-electric configuration that provides fuel savings gains of up to 40 percent, according to the company.

Model 348

The company says the Model 348 represents a multidimensional performer with a GVW beginning at 35,000 lbs. and optional capacity ratings to suit almost any specialty vocation such as construction, petroleum delivery, refuse and utility. The interior features an “in-mold” color process designed to imbed the color permanently into the material to virtually eliminate peeling, scratches, scuffs and fading that can occur in harsh operating environments.

The Model 348 is available with air brakes for heavy-duty configurations and a wide range of suspension and vocational options in both single- and tandem-axle configurations. Customers can choose from truck or tractor configurations, as well as vocational options such as FEPTO, REPTO and application-specific transmissions, including a hybrid configuration designed for utility service. In the hybrid configuration, the Paccar PX-6 engine offers 280 hp, while the Paccar PX-8 engine offers 240-380 hp and provides 1,050 lb-ft of torque for heavier loads.