TSE Brakes’ air brake actuator

TSE Brakes UL-Disc Air Brake ActuatorTSE Brakes’ UL-Disc Air Brake Actuator is designed with full-immersion electro-deposition coating and a proprietary powder-coating finish to help ward off corrosion. The actuator’s main spring adds a proprietary UL base coating in addition to the company’s multistage coating system for added corrosion protection. A self-guided pressure plate is engineered to facilitate consistent alignment of the spring for smoother operation and less wear, while a steel APR plate is e-coated to help eliminate corrosion degradation.

A proprietary bushing assembly is designed to provide a center seal that traps the lubricant for extended service while reducing center section leaks and brake drag. The unit’s diaphragms feature a contaminant-resistant rubber reinforced with nylon fabric, while its all-steel design facilitates a durable air-tight center section to help eliminate leaks, structural failures and galvanic corrosion.

TSE Brakes, www.tsebrakes.com