Kinedyne’s wall-mounted storage system

Updated May 19, 2017

Kinedyne’s E-HookKinedyne’s E-Hook is a wall-mounted freight-loading storage device designed to allow haulers to safely and securely stow long and unwieldy cargo such as tubes, pipes, beams, cables and hoses and keep it off the floor. The E-Hook can be mounted to any vertically-installed track or logistics post system by inserting the brackets into the track slots and sliding them down until they are seated securely. It has a working load limit of 300 pounds, and multiple hooks can be mounted at different heights to accommodate longer cargo with contoured shapes. The device has an eye-loop at its outer end engineered to allow more cargo securement products to be attached for added cargo stability and security. It is made of clear zinc-plated steel with a slip-resistant orange vinyl coating in its cradle area.