TSE Brakes’ UltraLife Plus line

Updated Oct 4, 2017
TSE UltraLife Plus™ (PRNewsfoto/TSE Brakes, Inc.)TSE UltraLife Plus™ (PRNewsfoto/TSE Brakes, Inc.)

TSE Brakes’ UltraLife Plus line features the company’s proprietary TSE All-N-One integrated pressure plate and diaphragm assembly engineered to eliminate plate shifting and increase power spring and diaphragm life, as well as TSE’s proprietary Sealed When It Counts technology with housing drain holes located to help prevent ingress of water and contaminants when driving and provide air ventilation and drainage when parked. The spring design provides the required output force while lowering spring stress for longer life, while a urethane powder coating applied over an eight-step e-coat base helps resist humidity and corrosion. The dust cap has a pressure relief feature designed to prevent back pressure or vacuum in the spring compartment.

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